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About us

Welcome to Jain Infotech, All IT Solutions under one roof.


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About us

Jain Infotech was established in 2001. The company is a certified one that works extensively in the spheres of designing and development along with media and animation. We are a Delhi-based company pioneering in the field of designing and development and providing top-notch services to our customers. We are committed to provide you with the work that can push the limits of innovation and can furnish you with the beautiful results.

Our work speaks of quality and excellence, whether it is for web designing, mobile applications or web development. We are one of the leading companies in PHP-based websites development and many more as well. No matter what kind of website you have, our professionals can create a pursuit of excellence for you. Jain Infotech assures you that by investing your money in our company, you will get nothing less than the best. Starting from the website maintainence to the website development, we are a full-fledged company teamed of professionals. We are also proudly collaborating with some of the best clients, with whom we also maintain very friendly and healthy business relations.


  • Customer is the king.
  • Fairness and honesty pays.
  • Team work fetches excellent results.
  • Innovation is the mother of all businesses.
  • Excellence is our commitment to our customers

With these principles, Jain Infotech works in alliance as a team to provide you with the good quality work and the one that is useful for you. Definitely, we keep customer as the paramount and so, all our services are focussed towards customers, their happiness and their satisfaction.

Mr. Ashish Jain - Company CEO


Web designing is one of the most important services today. Without designing of the website, you will not be able to initiate your business. At Jain Infotech, we offer you quality web designing services with the following benefits:

Greater Flexibility

Our professionals can offer you greater flexibility and make the right suggestions for the needs of your business. We try and analyze each and every aspect of your business and then offer you the solutions that can match the standards of the industry.

Technical Expertise

No doubt there are several software available in the market that can offer you effective web designing. However, sound and robust technical presence on the Internet cannot be achieved without the help of technical expertise. Therefore, we at Jain Infotech offer you technical expertise that keeps you running with the pace of latest developments and designs.

Time Saving

Web designing is the detail-oriented task which needs to be done effectively by the experts. At Jain Infotech, we offer you time saving and quick services for your business. You, in the meantime can focus on more important as well as crucial tasks- i.e., your business project.

Improved Aesthetics

Jain Infotech also offers you improved aesthetics. We try and analyze your current position in the market and offer you web designing that is aesthetically appealing to your customers and clients. All these services of Jain Infotech can be achieved at low price and with high quality measures. We offer you great designs, excellent quality as well as right prices which are suitable for your business.


One of the important things that you would need before even starting your business is the website. Without a business you cannot begin your own online enterprise, no matter what. If you are an amateur in the field how would you know how to design and develop your own website? The solution is very simple- Jain Infotech! Web development is therefore the primary condition for any online business.

A lot of companies think of getting the ready-made websites. However a lot of other companies also plan to have their own custom-designed websites. This is where Jain Infotech comes into picture. If you are looking for your own custom-designed websites, we can offer you the best solutions. We offer you customized websites based on your requirements as well as preferences. We design and develop websites specifically for you and so; we also ensure that no other business has the same website as yours!

Companies these days prefer to outsource the web development services because it can be much better, easy, less time consuming and beneficial to a lot of extent. Our professionals have the right set of skills that are required for your business. Our professionals and web developers at Jain Infotech can provide you with exactly the kind of websites that you need.

The biggest benefit that you get with Jain Infotech is money saving and time saving. We provide you web development through dedicated team of professionals who work day and night towards your website. All our processes are being offered at very budget-friendly prices and so, you can always get the web development done from Jain Infotech.


SEO or search engine optimization can be said the lifeline of any business. No matter what you do, it is very important that your website should be optimized for the search engines, basically Google. We, at Jain Infotech also provide you services related to search engine optimization. Our primary services include link building, content writing and much more. With the help of these services, we try to take your business towards better rankings in the search engines.

First of all, we analyze and understand your website. After doing that we implement and provide you services that can yield faster results. All our SEO services are very effective for your business and can help you in climbing the ladder of SERPs, i.e. search engine result pages. We provide you effective SEO services which can help you in enhancing the success of your business.

Our SEO services are all-inclusive and our trained professionals can understand what you really require to take off. With our SEO services, you get a rage of benefits such as:

  • Higher ROI
  • Long-term positions in the search engines
  • Driving targeted traffic
  • Increased credibility and brand visibility
  • Increased accessibility
  • Crow-browser compatibility
  • Easy navigation by the search engines
  • Faster loading of your page
  • Sleepless promotion
  • Increased sales


Jain Infotech can provide you all these advantages with the help of SEO professionals. Our SEO professionals work for your continuous success, even after you have achieved the desired results. Our SEO benefits do not die after sometime and they continue to offer you happiness after a long time as well.


Jain Infotech has gained huge experience in the software development. We have complete knowledge of the process and we believe that before proceeding with any service we should completely analyze the needs of our clients. Understanding our clients allow us to deliver cost effective and robust solution. Jain Infotech is a leading software development Faridabad and they maintain the accuracy and the speed while delivering the service that reaches customer expectation.

As a professional web development company we provide services that include:

Application Development

We offer you the customized service so that you can develop solutions that will help you manage your work more efficiently. We develop, design and analyze the application and provide the best solution to customers.

Product Engineering

Software company in Delhi understands the needs of every customer and so provide with the superior quality service that has the ability to increase the productivity. It includes product conceptualization, designing, testing that leads to improved service. •Maintenance: Software Development companies Faridabad can help you reduce your cost of providing you a complete maintenance service that includes Application support, validation and verification.

Our service will provide you with complete security so that you can maintain the data intact and also improve the performance of the system. Website development software will enhance the performance and you can increase the flexibility within your organization that will lead to better productivity. Software development in will creates a competitive edge to your business and this will help you rule the market and reach the customers more efficiently.




At Jain Infotech we provide you with the very effective corporate solutions services. In the modern trend, it has become important for the companies to focus on their projects and leave the tasks such as recruiting, employees’ training and staffing on the third parties. This is where Jain Infotech comes in the limelight. We offer your effective management and consultancy solutions that can take your business to the newer heights.

Our aim is to facilitate you with the effective corporate solution services so that while your company is taking on the important projects, the other projects such as hiring and firing are not affected. We provide corporate training as well as staffing services that can let your business increase its productivity as well as tread the path of success. Our corporate solution services can allow you to taste the flavour of benefits that will be had with Jain Infotech.

All your consultation needs are also being satisfied by the Jain Infotech. We offer you immensely satisfactory services and thus make your business reposition in the rankings. Also without corporate solution services, your business can easily beat the competition and remain at the top most position in the niche.

Jain Infotech can offer you satisfactory and reliable corporate solution services. Our consultation services are bound to benefit your business in various ways. Our aim is to allow your business in boosting up its efficiency as well as productivity because we believe that our success greatly depends on your business success as well!


Advancement in the technology as well as artistic aspects has led to business development as well. Thanks to this advancement, websites have also become incredibly improved when you compare them with their conventional counterparts. No longer will you find the websites that remained glued to the content and pictures only. These days multimedia and flash presentation plays a crucial role in describing that the website is abreast and aware of the technological advancements as well.

Jain Infotech offers you website designing equipped with multimedia and flash presentation. We offer you the websites that are featured with pictures, flash designs and content of course. The websites being created by our professionals offer an effective mixture of audio as well as visual information. This allows you to lure your customers and hold them for a longer time or forever. Basically, we allow you to build the customer loyalty. Using the multimedia and flash presentation on your website can be an effective way to get more traffic to your sites.

With the help of multimedia and flash presentation, you can easily share the images, photos of your products or services. This means that in case the user is in the hurry, he/she may not read the entire content and simply get the information from the flash [presentation on your website. You can always give the professional touch to your websites with the flash presentations and multimedia that is being offered to you by Jain Infotech.

At Jain Infotech, we offer you professional websites equipped with latest technologies and great features such as multimedia and flash presentation designs.


No matter how much technological development and advancement has taken place, content still rules the Internet. Content is still the king and search engines love it! Therefore there is no way you can escape being friendly with the content. Content writing is the service that is important to all the businesses. No matter how good your website is, it would simply be futile unless and until it is crawled by the search engines and search engines will do so only if you have the effective content on your website. At Jain Infotech, we offer you good content writing services that can help you in changing the fate of your business.

Here is the specialty of the content that we offer:

Unique Content

The content being offered by our professionals is absolutely unique and exclusive. This means that you will not find the similar content anywhere else. There are hardly any chances of plagiarism and so, we ensure that you get only unique content.

Perfect English

Our content writers offer you excellent content with perfect English. Whether you need UK English or US English, our content writers can offer you the content as per your requirements. The grammatical mistakes, spellings and sentence structure are taken care of.

Plagiarism-Free Content

At Jain Infotech, we make sure that the content being offered to you is plagiarism free. For this, we have equipped our company with the software that allows checking of plagiarism. This ensures that you can get completely exclusive content that is not repeated anywhere else on the Internet. At Jain Infotech, you can expect 100% pure content writing services that can tke your business towards better rankings.











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planning & strategy

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design & develop

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test & deliver

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